Dr Marco Fiorentini

Centre for Exploration Targeting, The University of Western Australia

Dr Fiorentini has established an international reputation in researching komalites, ancient lava flows that provide crucial information about how the Earth appeared more than 2.5 billion years ago. These important insights allow us to understand the subsequent establishment of a complex hydrosphere-atmosphere that would host the development of life. Ongoing research can provide crucial information about the atmosphere of other planets in the solar system and may teach us much about our current environmental issues.

His recent research has led to a better understanding of how the Earth’s interior and atmosphere have evolved and how nickel-sulfide ore deposits formed between 2.9 to 1.8 billion years ago. Nickel is used in the production of many everyday items like kitchen sinks, cars, surgical and scientific instruments, and Marco’s research is also helping to shed light on where to find more nickel deposits.