Dr Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis

Curtin University
Research Field: Mathematics and Statistics

We are surrounded by control systems: household washing machines, heating and cooling systems, aircraft, CDs and satellites are just a few. As utilisers we usually take control for granted. A control apparatus influences the behaviour of a system to obtain a desired outcome, despite the presence of disturbances. Dr Ntogramatzidis’ research goal is to design of controllers that influence the behaviour of such systems in the ‘best’ possible way.

Lorenzo’s main research areas include optimal control problems for the design of a control inputs for dynamical systems ‘disturbance rejection’ to minimise the effect of disturbances on dynamical systems. He is also interested in ‘non-overshooting and non-undershooting control’ and multidimensional systems involving signals defined over space and time rather than just time, such as digital image processing, sonar, radar and acoustic signal processing.

Lorenzo has established strong links with eminent Australian and overseas researchers while at Curtin, including Melbourne University, the Universities of Padua, Bologna and Siena in Italy and the University of Texas at Arlington. He actively participates in the outreach activities of the Open Day at Curtin University and through lectures, seminars and tutorials to Curtin’s enrichment program for high school students through the new Curtin-Rossmoyne Smart Maths Initiative.