Ass Prof Ben Corry

The University of Western Australia
Research Field: Biomedical Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences

What does the provision of cheap, clean, non-salty drinking water have to do with the way that electrical signals are sent between cells in the body? A/Professor Corry’s research bridges chemistry, physics and biology as well as theoretical and experimental science. It has implications for neuromuscular diseases, the development of new antibiotics and how to decrease the cost of desalinating water.
Ben has developed strategies to make the desalination of sea water much cheaper using novel porous membranes.

These have been designed by mimicking the principles at play in pore forming proteins in biological membranes that are responsible for electrical signaling in the body. Ben has received national and international acclaim for his significant research achievements, including the WA Premier’s Young Scientist of the Year Award in 2008.

Ben has chosen to design, coordinate and teach courses to attempt to inspire young scientists, undertaken a course in Science Communication, participated in the ‘adopt-a-physicist’ program aimed at high school students, taken part in the SPICE program run by UWA and spoken at local libraries celebrating the International Year of Chemistry. He has also been appeared on the Science Show on ABC Radio National with other interviews appearing in New Scientist and Cosmos.