University of Melbourne

Brian has mainly focussed his research in wireless, wire line (DSL for example), and optical communication systems. By theorizing and designing new approaches and practical algorithms, the goal is to further advance communications systems by reducing equipment cost, better utilising bandwidth in the airwaves, increasing the data rate (speed), and reducing power consumption. Such systems are vital to future communications infrastructure and a growing economy, as well as Australia’s information technology reputation.

Brian’s main focus is on the modulation technology known as Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM), where a large bandwidth is split into a large number of sub channels through efficient signal processing. Brian has made significant contributions in power and bit allocation algorithms for a variety of OFDM systems and scenarios (single or multi user, fading channels, multiple antenna systems). This includes a US patented and a highly cited algorithm that has recently been licensed to Rim Semiconductor.