2008 Victorian Award Winners

  • Professor Kylie Bal

    Deakin University Kylie researches Obesity and its implications for society. Obesity is recognised as a major threat to health. While … Read More »

  • Dr Natalie Borg

    Monash University Natalie studies the three dimensional shape of proteins and is interested in how two immune systems’ proteins interact … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Josephine Forbes

    Baker ID Heart & Diabetes Institute Josephine researches diabetes and its complications, which are set to become the major health … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Paul Gorry

    Burnet Institute Paul whose principle area of research is in understanding HIV causes, AIDS and AIDS related complications. HIV invades … Read More »

  • Dr Kieran Harvey

    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Kieran and his team investigate the mechanism by which the organ size is controlled during development. … Read More »

  • Dr Brendan Jenkins

    Monash University Brendan’s research involves stomach (gastric) cancers which is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths worldwide, … Read More »

  • Dr Brian Krongold

    University of Melbourne Brian has mainly focussed his research in wireless, wire line (DSL for example), and optical communication systems. … Read More »

  • Dr Sandra McLaren

    University of Melbourne Sandra is motivated by the importance of the Earth Sciences in resource sustainability and in understanding the … Read More »

  • Dr Kylie Mason

    Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Kylie is one of those rare individuals who combine an outstanding commitment … Read More »

  • Dr Ian Wanless

    Monash University Ian works in combinatorics, and areas of mathematics currently receiving much attention both nationally and internationally. Ian’s primary … Read More »