2006 Victorian Award Winners

  • Dr Stuart Batten

    Monash University Stuart works as a chemist and a “crystal engineer”. Crystal engineering involves the design and analysis of crystal … Read More »

  • Dr Rachel Caruso

    University of Melbourne Rachel is a Materials Chemist where she applies her chemical knowledge to produce novel advanced materials with … Read More »

  • Dr Rony Duncan

    Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Rony researches the ethical implications of science, with a particular focus on the use of empirical … Read More »

  • Dr Andrew Hill

    Bio21 Institute and University of Melbourne Andrew heads a laboratory focussing on a group of neurodegenerative disorders known as prion … Read More »

  • Dr Shane Huntington

    University of Melbourne Shane is a Founder and the Managing Director of The Innovation Group Pty Ltd, a Victorian based … Read More »

  • Dr Hylton Menz

    La Trobe University Hylton’s research focuses on mobility impairment and falls in older people, with a particular focus on the … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Pradeep Nathan

    Monash University Pradeep’s research is in the area of Neuropharmacology and Cognitive Neuroscience. His laboratory has gained international recognition for … Read More »

  • Professor Helena Teede

    The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women’s Health Helena has built a reputation in the area of the cardiovascular hormonal interaction … Read More »

  • Dr Christine White

    Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research Chrisitne’s research focuses on the events of early pregnancy, with the aim of developing … Read More »