University of Melbourne

Margaret was Director of the indigenous and immigrant components of the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women’s Health (ALSWH) at the University of Queensland from 1995-1998 and took a leading role in all aspects of research, publication production and acquisition of further research funding. In 1998, she received an NHMRC Sidney Sax Fellowship to work at Columbia University, where her research particularly focused on access to prenatal care and preventative health services among women in poverty and minority groups.  In 2001, she continued her work with the ALSWH at the University of Melbourne, focusing on indigenous health and the impact of welfare reform on women’s health. She has also been involved in conducting training for an initiative by UNDP/World Bank/WHO Tropical Diseases (TDR) to develop capacity for social, economic and behavioural research in Third World countries.

Her work in Women’s Health has continued and she is now an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne.