2010 South Australian Award Winners

  • Dr Siobhan Banks

    University of South Australia Siobhan researches the physiological and neurobehavioural consequences of sleep deprivation, or in other words what happens … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Leonie Heilbronn

    University of Adelaide Leonie‚Äôs broad research goal is to understand why having enlarged fat stores (obesity) is so closely linked … Read More »

  • Dr Mark Hutchinson

    University of Adelaide Mark investigates the role of immune like cells, glial, in the brain and how they contribute to … Read More »

  • Dr Charlie Huveneer

    Flinders University Charlie is investigating the ecology and biology of sharks, rays, and chimaeras. This includes studying how often they … Read More »

  • Dr Damien Keating

    Flinders University Damien investigates how the cells in our body, in particular the cells in our brain, communicate with each … Read More »

  • Dr Saravana Kumar

    University of South Australia Saravana is a health services researcher who investigates the science of evidence implementation. His current research … Read More »

  • Dr Ellen Nisbet

    Universtiy of South Australia Ellen is investigating the malaria parasite,¬†Plasmodium falciparum, with particular interest to its surprisingly close relation to … Read More »

  • Dr. Gabrielle Todd

    University of South Australia South Australian Young Tall Poppy of the Year 2010 Gabrielle investigates the brain control of movement. … Read More »