2009 South Australian Award winners

  • Dr Claudine Bonder

    Centre for Cancer Biology, SA Pathology Claudine studies the intricate network of blood vessels that carry cells throughout our body. … Read More »

  • Dr Joanne Bowen

    University of Adelaide Joanne looks into the reasons why some people are more likely than others to have severe side effects … Read More »

  • Dr Kathryn Burdon

    Flinders University Vision is a thing most people take for granted, but it is one of the most precious and most … Read More »

  • Dr Travis Elsdon

    University of Adelaide Travis studies fish and estuaries, and his work focus on understanding water quality and fish movements. He uses … Read More »

  • Dr Matthew Haren

    University of South Australia Matt’s research focuses on health and wellbeing issues that are considered important by regional communities. Working with … Read More »

  • Dr Hugh Harris

    University of Adelaide Hugh looks at what happens when metals enter a living organism, and uses new technologies, often synchrotron-based, … Read More »

  • Dr Karen Murphy

    University of South Australia Karen’s research aims to determine how diet can improve physical and mental health throughout the lifespan. … Read More »

  • Dr Nam Nguyen

    Royal Adelaide Hospital & The University of Adelaide Nam is a practising medical doctor who specialises in the diseases of the gastrointestinal … Read More »

  • Dr Alice Rumbold

    The University of Adelaide & Menzies School of Health Research – South Australian Young Tall Poppy of the Year 2009 … Read More »

  • Dr Chris Sumby

    The University of Adelaide Christopher makes new chemical compounds, using weak links between components to form cage-like structures much larger … Read More »