2008 South Australian Award winners

  • Dr Kirsten Benkendorff

    Flinders University Kirsten is a marine biologist that is currently investigating Southern Australian marine organisms, in particular a local sea … Read More »

  • Professor Corey Bradshaw

    University of Adelaide / SARDI Corey is a conservation ecologist who uses mathematics and biological data to examine and understand … Read More »

  • Dr Alison Coates

    University of South Australia Alison is a researcher in health and she is particularly interested in the benefits that certain … Read More »

  • Dr Catherine Gibson

    University of Adelaide Catherine whose research is aimed at identifying possible causes for cerebral palsy, the most common major physical … Read More »

  • Dr Galen Halverson

    University of Adelaide Galen endeavors to reconstruct the history of the Earth’s surface environment as recorded in ancient sedimentary rocks. … Read More »

  • Dr Mark McDonnell

    Institute for Telecommunications Research, University of South Australia Mark’s research uses mathematics to help understand how neurons in the brain … Read More »

  • Dr Megan Mitchell

    University of Adelaide Megan’s research in reproductive biology looks at how nutrition and the increasing age of first time mothers … Read More »

  • Dr Tamath Rainsford

    University of Adelaide Tamath’s research is about applying mathematics to various real world problems, especially those that are medical or … Read More »

  • Dr Michael Sorich

    University of South Australia Michael researches the reasons why medicines will work well for some people but not for others … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Wei Zhang

    Flinders University Wei leads a research team to develop cheaper and cleaner production processes for supplying biological and nutritional products … Read More »