2007 South Australian Award winners

  • Dr Janet Coller

    University of Adelaide Janet is using herĀ research in clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics to develop our knowledge to enable the use … Read More »

  • Dr Frank Grutzner

    University of Adelaide Frank’s general research interest is to understand how the genetic material of different species is organised in … Read More »

  • Dr Natasha Harvey

    The Hanson Institute IMVS Natasha’s specific research focus is to identify genes and molecular events that are important for construction … Read More »

  • Dr Beverly Muhlhausler

    University of South Australia Beverly investigates the effects of being exposed to an increased supply of nutrients before birth on … Read More »

  • Dr Reg Nixon

    Flinders University Reg’s research is in the area of clinical psychology, specifically acute stress disorder (ASD) and posttraumatic stress disorder … Read More »

  • Dr Emma Parkinson-Lawrence

    University of South Australia Emma hasĀ an interest in two areas of health and medical research, the structure and function of … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Konrad Pesudovs

    Flinders University Konrad is Deputy Director of the NHMRC Centre for Clinical Eye Research. His main research interest is ophthalmology … Read More »

  • Dr Craig Williams

    University of South Australia Craig’s research concerns public health, specifically relating to vector-borne disease. The overall aim of his work … Read More »