2005 South Australian Award winners

  • Dr Kutluyil Dogancay

    University of South Australia Kutluyil’s current research activities are focussed on blind channel equalization for terrestrial microwave modems, passive tracking … Read More »

  • Dr Bronwyn Gillanders

    University of Adelaide Bronwyn’s research interests span freshwater, estuarine and marine systems and are focused primarily on ecology of fish … Read More »

  • Dr Wendy Ingman

    University of Adelaide Wendy centres her research on the role of the immune system in reproductive health. Wendy’s research focuses … Read More »

  • Dr Sam Mickan

    University of Adelaide Sam is an engineer whose research explores medical applications of T-ray technology. Sam copmleted his PhD Thesis … Read More »

  • Dr Julia Pitcher

    University of South Australia and University of Adelaide Julia is a motor control neurophysiologist with a fascination for how the … Read More »

  • Dr Carmela Ricciardelli

    University of Adelaide Carmela has a strong research interest in understanding the ways cancer cells communicate with their microenvironment and … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Libby Roughead

    University of South Australia Libby’s research looks at patterns of medication use in the Australian community, problems with medication use … Read More »

  • Dr Craig Simmons

    Flinders University Craig’s research investigates the occurrence, distribution, movement and chemistry of groundwater in underground geologic formations. His research continues … Read More »