2004 South Australian Award winners

  • Associate Professor Derek Abbott

    University of Adelaide Derek is a leading researcher in the area of photonics and vision systems, with an application focus … Read More »

  • Dr Toby Coates

    The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Toby’s research has focused on dendritic cells, which are crucial antigen presenting cells of the immune … Read More »

  • Dr Adam Fletcher

    University of South Australia Adam’s research interests include human sleep, shift work, jet lag and workplace fatigue. This research contributes … Read More »

  • Professor Alex Grant

    University of South Australia Alex was appointed full Professor at 32, the youngest Professor at the UniSA. Alex’s research interests … Read More »

  • Dr Michelle Lane

    University of Adelaide and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Michelle is well known in the field of basic and applied embryo … Read More »

  • Dr Taher Omari

    Women’s & Children’s Hospital Taher was inspired by watching Harry Butler, and decided he wanted to be a biologist. His … Read More »

  • Dr Wayne Piekarski

    University of South Australia Wayne’s research work is focused in the areas of augmented reality, computer graphics, and wearable computers. … Read More »

  • Dr Wendy Rogers

    Flinders University Wendy is a bioethicist who investigates the moral values that underpin health care and scientific research. Her work … Read More »

  • Dr Darryl Russell

    University of Adelaide Darryl’s research focuses on the genes and mechanisms through which cells communicate and physically interact as they … Read More »