2002 South Australian Award winners

  • Dr Catherine Coulter

    University of Adelaide Catherine’s research work focuses on the essential role of the adrenal gland both before and after birth. … Read More »

  • Dr Michael Lee

    South Australian Museum Michael’s research interests are in the systematics and evolutionary biology of reptiles, based on molecular, morphological and … Read More »

  • Dr Holger Maier

    University of Adelaide Holger has years of professional engineering experience in the public and private sectors, having worked at Kinhill … Read More »

  • Dr Vivienne Moore

    University of Adelaide Vivienne is a social epidemiologist who is particularly interested in the way the social environment and behaviour … Read More »

  • Dr Sandra Orgeig,

    University of Adelaide Sandra’s research examined the relationship between cholesterol and phospholipids in the pulmonary surfactant system throughout the evolution … Read More »

  • Professor Simon Stewart

    National Heart Foundation of Australia Simon began his own research programme as a Cardiac Research Nurse at The Queen Elizabeth … Read More »