2000 South Australian Award winners

  • Associate Professor Andrew Bersten

    Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre Andrew has made a major contribution to critical care medicine through his work on … Read More »

  • Dr Ian Doyle

    Flinder’s University Ian’s early research focused on kidney stone formation, and his discovery of the “crystal matrix protein” has redirected … Read More »

  • Dr Ross McKinnon

    University of South Australia Ross is studying the genetic factors that determine susceptibility to drug and chemical toxicity, research that … Read More »

  • Dr Graham (Gus) Nathan

    University of Adelaide Graham is a leading researcher in the fields of turbulence, energy and combustion. His research has an … Read More »

  • Professor Peter Rathjen

    University of Adelaide Peter has gained an international reputation for his work in molecular genetics and mammalian development. A major … Read More »

  • Dr Sarah Robertson

    University of Adelaide Sarah is studying the female immune response to semen, and its implications for embryo implantation and placental … Read More »