About the SA Tall Poppy Campaign

Welcome to the South Australian section of the AIPS website. The SA campaign delivers initiatives that increase public engagement and promote excellence in research, inform and influence policy and invest in the future of our State.

In 1998 the State celebrated the centenary of the birth of the great South Australian scientist Lord Howard Florey who shared a Nobel prize for his work on penicillin.  Despite his invaluable contribution to society Lord Florey and his work did and, to a point, still do remain largely unknown in the wider community.

This situation is representative of the so-called “Tall Poppy Syndrome” – the tendency to celebrate success in some fields yet to ignore or even mock excellence and achievement in other fields.

The Australian Institute of Policy and Science created the Tall Poppy Campaign to address this syndrome by celebrating achievement in the sciences and communicating the passion and purpose of Australia’s finest scientists to a wider audience – in particular the school students, undergraduates, postgraduates & early career reseachers whose choices form the foundation of our future prosperity.

Today the TP.SA Alumnus is a community of outstanding researchers – supporting each other personally and professionally as well as providing South Australian education, business, industry and governance sectors with a unique source of expertise and connections.

TP.SA continues to recognise and support South Australians who are delivering excellent science and sharing it with the scientists of tomorrow.

  • You can access the resources offered by the TP.SA Alumnus of distinguished researchers, including publications, awards, collaborations and community engagement interests through the SA Alumnus Page.