2010 Queensland Award winners

  • Dr Susan Bengtson Nash

    Griffith University Highly toxic, man-made pollutants such as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) can be highly dispersible and can move towards … Read More »

  • Dr Julia Crilly

    Queensland Health Most of us hope to never to be a patient in a Hospital Emergency Department but in the … Read More »

  • Dr Hannah Cullup

    Mater Medical Research Institute Bone marrow transplants provide the only cure for many patients who suffer from leukaemia, myeloma and … Read More »

  • Dr Mitch Duncan

    Central Queensland University The volume of time spent sitting is emerging as an independent risk factor for several diseases even … Read More »

  • Dr Benjamin Goss

    Queensland University of Technology Approximately 280 people are newly paralysed by traumatic spinal cord injury each year. This injury results … Read More »

  • Dr Elke Hacker

    Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Institute of Medical Research Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Australia. Elke’s … Read More »

  • Dr Genevieve Healy

    The University of Queensland, 2010 Queensland Young Tall Poppy of the Year The majority of Australian adults spend most of … Read More »

  • Dr Kerry Manton

    Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology Understanding cell migration in normal and diseased states is important … Read More »

  • Dr Sarah Medland

    Queensland Institute of Medical Research Dr Medland works in three areas of human health and wellbeing with a focus on … Read More »

  • Dr Trevor Russell

    The University of Queensland Australia has many rural and remote communities who are some distance from good health care services. … Read More »