2001 Queensland Award winners

  • Dr Peter Junk

    James Cook University Peter researches the organometallic chemistry of main group and lanthanoid elements, compounds which have significant applications in … Read More »

  • Dr Jan Nicholson

    Queensland University of Technology Jan is a psychologist with research experience in child development, psychology and public health, including the … Read More »

  • Dr Lars Keld Nielsen

    The University of Queensland Lars has research programs including the development of better processes for gene and cell therapies, production … Read More »

  • Professor Mary O’Kane

    Vice-Chancellor of Adelaide University since 1996 Mary is a leading Australian specialist in her primary research field of spoken language … Read More »

  • Dr Alfio Parisi

    University of Southern Queensland Alfio is a physicist with a national and international profile in research on solar ultrviolet radiation … Read More »

  • Dr Sally-Ann Poulson

    Griffith University Sally-Ann is a medicinal chemist researching new approaches to therapeutic drug discovery. The objective of her research is … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Ranjeny Thomas

    Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane Ranjeny investigates the role of dendritic cells in the autoimmune arthiritic condition, rheumatoid arthritis. Ranjeny’s studies … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Matt Trau

    University of Queensland Matt researches the areas of biomaterials and Bio-medical devices which will ultimately imrpove human health. Major research … Read More »

  • Dr David Whiteman

    Queensland Institute of Medical Research David is a medical epidemiologist whose work has focussed on the causes and control of … Read More »