Advanced materials, Nanoscale microscopy, The University of Sydney – Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis

Dr Peter Liddicoat’s research focuses on observing the atomic structure of metals in order to engineer and improve properties. Throughout history, advances in materials science has enabled discovery of life-changing technologies – the first aeroplane and human flight of the Wright brothers in 1903 was made possible by a new type of light-weight metal called Aluminium.  Peter has significantly contributed to the research in alloy materials design through his engineering of an advanced aluminium alloy in 2010. This material possesses the strength of ultra high strength steel, yet weighs only a third as much.

Peter enjoys involving the public in scientific advances through less formal formats such as comedic narratives which communicate science as ‘info-tainment’, using scientifically precise images to communicate an artistic appreciation of nature, he was involved in an interview with ABC Science and has just scripted and filmed a project designed to introduce high school and university students to atom probe microscopy. Although Liddicoat only received his PhD last year, he has already published 11 scholarly book and journal publications, 2 patent applications and 25 conference/seminar presentations.