Psychiatry, The University of New South Wales

Dr Green’s research focuses on the controversial biological link between mood disorders (such as bipolar disorder) and psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia), which often run together in families. She examines common genetic variants associated with disturbances in the brain of people suffering mood or psychotic disorders, searching for vulnerability markers that might enable early detection and treatment of these conditions. Melissa strongly believes that continued separation of these illnesses despite increasing scientific awareness of their ‘fuzzy’ boundary has created a roadblock to improved treatment and understanding of their causes. To rectify this, Melissa is gathering evidence to delineate which causal factors are shared by these disorders, using an innovative, multi-disciplinary framework, examining biological and environmental causes of signs and symptoms.

Melissa has presented at numerous public forums, at community Mental Health Centres, doctor education seminars, NSW Corrective Services, high schools and university open days. She is the youngest Executive member of the Schizophrenia Research Institute’ Scientific Advisory Board, and an Executive member of the Australian Psychosis Research Network. She has also been involved in many media interviews; including ABC News and ABC’s 7:30 Report, interactive community broadcasts and has been featured in many newspapers including the Sydney Morning Herald.