Marine Ecology, Macquarie University

Dr Bishop has made outstanding contributions to our understanding of how the marine environment is increasingly threatened by human development. Her work has made important contributions to areas including how population growth introduces pollutants into waterways, causing major changes to the environment. Presently she is researching how the combination of warmer temperatures and fertilizer run-off from the land into estuaries leads to changes in aquatic vegetation. She is also investigating whether sea walls might prevent the seagrasses and mangroves that underpin fisheries productivity from migrating landward as sea levels rise. Coastal biodiversity is a valuable resource which globally is valued at US$10 trillion per annum. Not only does its deterioration have significant consequences for marine life, but also our own.

As the current president of the NSW Branch of the Australian Marine Sciences Association, Melanie has had a strong presence in the community and contributes to public debates on Marine Parks and Recreational Fishing.  She has been part of the Ultimo Science Festival, Siemens Science School and was one of 12 scientists interviewed for the Department of Education’s 2007 Science Talk Website. Melanie has also regularly given careers talks to high school and university students and hosted work experience placements.