Cancer and Anti-cancer drugs, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research/UNSW

Dr Eddy Pasquier researches the mechanisms involved in the formation of blood vessels within tumours; particularly how anti-cancer drugs can interfere in this process to slow cancer growth and spread. Ultimately, his work aims at developing new cancer treatments that target the creation of tumour blood vessels. These therapeutic strategies rely on the use of innovative treatment schedules and novel drug combinations, leading to an increase in treatment efficacy while reducing toxic side effects – thus considerably improving a patient’s quality of life.

Eddy’s exceptional skills at communicating complex cancer biology to the public, has made his presentations highly sought-after. Eddy has been a leader and key driver at five Healthy Living Camps for CanTeen and has spoken at five career days organised by the Australian Society for Medical Research. He was invited to present at the Queensland Institute for Medical Research’s high-school lecture series, and has been involved in other public awareness forums. He has had 29 publications, many of which are original works in highly regarded, specialised journals. Pasquier is only five years out from his PhD and already has attracted over $1 million in peer-reviewed funding for research and career development.