Associate Professor Hilary Bambrick

Environmental Epidemiology, University of Western Sydney

Associate Professor Bambrick examines how the changing environment affects people’s health. Hilary investigates how climate change may alter patterns of mosquito-borne disease, heat-related mortality and other illnesses. Australia’s climate, for example, is expected to become more extreme over coming decades, with hotter days, more severe and longer-lasting droughts and more frequent and intense rainfall. Hilary is especially interested in the inequalities of climate change impacts and how more vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly and Indigenous communities will be affected. Her research seeks to find ways to minimise the negative impacts of climate change and improve population health outcomes, both globally and within Australia, and provides important information about planning for and responding to climate change.

As a scientist passionate about her research, Hilary has engaged with policy makers, students and the broader community to share her knowledge and make vital contributions to the global scientific, socioeconomic and political response to a changing climate. In addition to over 50 research publications, she has written submissions to Parliamentary reviews, newspaper and magazine editorials, worked with stakeholders such as local councils and community representatives, and is regularly sought to provide media commentary.