2010 New South Wales Award Winners

  • Dr Andrew Barron

    Dr Andrew Barron

    Neuroethology, Macquarie University Andrew’s research is unravelling how drugs damage the brain and is revealing new avenues to prevent drug … Read More »

  • Dr Michael Kasumovic

    Evolutionary Biology, University of New South Wales Michael works with the famous Australian Red Back spider to explore the evolution … Read More »

  • Dr Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Co-occurring depression and alcohol/drug use problems, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales Centre for Brain … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Michelle Moulds

    Clinical Psychology, University of New South Wales Michelle has made outstanding contributions to the understanding of the cognitive mechanisms that … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Sharon Naismith

    Neuropsychology and Neurodegenerative Disorders, Brain and Mind Research Institute at The University of Sydney Sharon’s interests are in evaluating risk … Read More »

  • Dr Richard Payne

    Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Sydney. Richard’s research is focused on using organic chemistry to discover new therapeutics for … Read More »

  • Dr Anina Rich

    Cognitive Neuroscience/Psychology, Macquarie University Anina’s research is in the area of the senses. Her work centres on how we are … Read More »

  • Dr Vanessa Venturi

    Computational Biology, University of New South Wales Vanessa works to better understand how the immune system responds to infectious diseases. … Read More »

  • Dr Claire Wakefield

    Behavioural Sciences/Health Psychology, University of New South Wales Claire is involved in better understanding the psychological issues affecting children, young … Read More »

  • Dr Joanne Whittaker

    Plate Tectonics, Marine Geophysics, University of Sydney Joanne is studying the relationship between what happens underneath the earth’s tectonic plates … Read More »