The University of Newcastle

Therapeutic Targeting and Translational Nanopharmaceutics,



Dr Hua’s research is in the cutting-edge field of therapeutic targeting through the use of nanotechnology. Currently, the majority of conventional medicines are essentially high doses of free drugs that are distributed to all parts of the body, meaning they are not very efficient and increase the risk of adverse effects when they harm the healthy cells.

Susan’s research involves designing and manufacturing “vehicles or carriers” that we can load these medicines into, and then modify the surface of the vehicles to act like a “GPS” to direct the cargo to the site of disease. This will improve the way we treat patients through the development of more effective and safer medications and diagnostic agents.

Susan’s nanotechnology research is frequently covered by the media, including a cover story in The Newcastle Herald. She also regularly participates in high school work experience programs and talks to encourage students into the field of science and utilises social media to communicate her work. Dr Hua is involved in organising and presenting at public forums in the fields of nanotechnology and pain, including the Newcastle Pain Network and Nanotechnology Symposium and is a key presenter at the 2016 HMRI Medical Research Week.