Dr Danielle Moreau



University of New South Wales


@daniellejmoreau @UNSW and @UNSWEngineering


Noise from cars, aircraft, air-conditioning systems and computer fans fill our lives. Noise is not only intruding on urban life, rural communities are also being altered by the addition of wind turbines in previously very quiet areas. A common component in modern technology responsible for unwanted noise is the airfoil, the shape of an aircraft wing, wind turbine blade or submarine fin. It produces noise when a fluid, such as air or water, interacts with its surface. Airfoil noise is the major source of noise for a variety of technology including wind turbines, fans, submarines and aircraft. The aim of Dr Moreau’s research is to understand how airfoil noise is produced and to develop ways of reducing it.

As a female researcher in mechanical engineering, Danielle believes she is ideally placed to help increase the number of women working in Australian scientific research and industry and is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging girls to pursue engineering careers including hosting engineering workshops as part of the Engineers Australia Experience It! Student Conference and the UNSW Women in Engineering Camp for female high school students.

She has given interviews to mainstream media as well as having feature articles in The Sunday Mail and InBusiness SA Magazine.