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The fossil record shows that the earth has seen five major extinction events, characterised by rapid species extinctions within a relatively short time-frame. Alarmingly, scientists who study modern ecosystems have now concluded that the earth is amidst a sixth mass extinction event, brought upon by the changes to the global ecosystem caused by humans. Dr Nimmo’s research aims to find solutions to the modern extinction crisis.

By studying ecosystems around the world—from bird communities in Papua New Guinea; carnivores (bears, wolves) in Romanian farmland; to dingoes and possums in Australia’s outback—to reveal how big disturbances like wildfire, droughts, invasive species, habitat loss and climate change affect ecosystems. Collecting large datasets on ecosystems, allows Dale can build complex statistical models that allow him to identify the best ways of managing landscapes to protect wildlife.

Dale regularly uses Twitter to engage with the public about nature conservation, encouraging his research students to do likewise with #BigDesertAdverntures and #WildAtTheProm. He contributes to a range of popular international conservation blogs including ‘Ideas for Sustainability’ and ‘The Applied Ecologist’s Blog’’. Dale’s research on woodland bird declines was also covered in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Advocate.