2016 NSW Award Winners

  • Dr Thomas Newsome

      The University of Sydney / Deakin University Biological Sciences, @NewsomeTM   Big animals like dingoes and wolves at the … Read More »

  • Dr Viviana Wuthrich

      Macquarie University Psychology @VivianaWuthrich   Severe anxiety affects one in ten people. People suffering anxiety are also more likely … Read More »

  • Dr Adam Collison

      The University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute Immunology / Microbiology, @DrAdamCollison   Allergy is the fastest growing … Read More »

  • Dr Tracy Burrows

      The University of Newcastle Nutrition and Dietetics @DrTracyBurrows, @UON_research, @HMRIAustralia and @UONPRCPAN   Dr Burrow’s research investigates whether humans can … Read More »

  • Dr Dale Nimmo

      Charles Sturt University Conservation Science @BiodiversityGuy   @csumedia   The fossil record shows that the earth has seen five major … Read More »

  • Dr Susan Hua

      The University of Newcastle Therapeutic Targeting and Translational Nanopharmaceutics, @DrSusanHua   Dr Hua’s research is in the cutting-edge field … Read More »

  • Dr Jonathan Plett

      Western Sydney University Genetics/Ecosystem Sustainability, @FungiDownUnder @westsyduhie   A spoonful of dirt contains billions of micro-organisms, some of which … Read More »

  • Dr Danielle Moreau

      University of New South Wales Aeroacoustics @daniellejmoreau @UNSW and @UNSWEngineering   Noise from cars, aircraft, air-conditioning systems and computer … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Jason Grebely

      Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales Epidemiology/Public Health, @jasongrebely  @KirbyInstitute   In Australia, liver disease due to hepatitis … Read More »

  • Dr Joshua Ho

      Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Bioinformatics @joshuawkho @VictorChangInst @abacbs   Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) affects 8 out of 1,000 … Read More »

  • Dr Bronwyn Graham

      University of New South Wales Anxiety Disorders     One quarter of Australians will experience a debilitating anxiety disorder, … Read More »

  • Dr Robert Taylor

      University of New South Wales Solar Energy     Dr Taylor’s research is focused on developing solar energy technology … Read More »

  • Dr Katherine Dafforn

      Marine Ecology University of New South Wales @DrKDafforn   Marine urbanisation is accelerating due to the expansion of coastal … Read More »