University of New South Wales
Research Field: Biomedical Engineering

Dr Megan Lord is a biomedical engineer whose research is focused on molecular interactions to better understand how implantable medical devices integrate with the body. Her work has applications in the development of new synthetic blood vessels, materials for regenerative medicine, cancer cell targeted drug delivery and molecular diagnosis of arthritis.

By developing new materials that mimic our body Megan’s research aims to improve our abilities to repair and interface with tissues including blood vessels, bone, cartilage. Her research team has had some success developing sugar-based materials, derived from crustacean shells, that mimic natural molecules in our body that control the signals for vascular, bone and cartilage repair.

Megan initiated and chaired the inaugural Women in Engineering committee in her faculty and has developed a program of outreach activities targeted at primary and secondary schools. The committee also supports female students during their engineering studies and engages a network of female alumni as role models to future and current students.