Dr Alastair Stewart





Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Research Field: Biological Energy Conversion

Dr Alastair Stewart’s research focuses on the molecular motor that converts nutrients into biologically useful energy with cells. It is a process that underpins energy transformation in all forms of life.

Alastair was the first in the world to establish the precise molecular architecture of the part of the motor known as the peripheral stalk. He has since been able to demonstrate how the unusual structure of this section is perfectly suited to perform its function as well as show that this structure has been conserved from bacteria up to humans. His discoveries have led to a paradigm shift in the field of molecular biology.

Alastair is also a keen communicator, frequently giving community presentations, demonstrating science experiments at his local scout group and even creating animations to illustrate his research. He has been asked to present to the Federal Opposition Minister for Health as well as give a talk to Nobel Laureates on the outreach possibilities of online platforms such as YouTube