The University of New South Wales
Research Field: Biomedical engineering

Dr Redmond’s research seeks to use biomedical engineering to develop new, cheap, and easy to use healthcare devices that are easily accessible by the whole community. He has particularly focused on the elderly and falls related injuries. With his research group he has have developed a wearable monitoring device that uses small motion sensors to measure stability during walking and ‘predicts’ when someone is at risk of falling, so they can improve their strength and balance before they fall. This device uses the internet to continually retrieve their health information, and monitor people in their own homes, then all health professionals to act on the information, actively managing the patient from a distance.

Stephen runs workshop programs to promote the fun side of science and engineering to high school students through programs within UNSW. By using practical engineering examples, he aims to educate ‘by accident’, enabling students to learn by osmosis about complex topics, like electric potentials generated by muscles, while they’re simply having fun playing games. He has also had experience in presenting to school forums, radio audiences and has written an invited article for Australasian Science Magazine.