The University of New South Wales
Research Field: Water Science and Technology

Dr Henderson’s research is in the field of water quality and treatment, specifically with respect to water sources impacted by high levels of organic matter and algae, including recycled water and seawater in addition to reservoir or river sources. Removal of these contaminants is critical to the providing safe drinking water and her research concentrates on making sure that water supply technologies are able to provide safe water, in sufficient quantity, and as sustainably as possible. Rita has considerable experience in communicating science, specifically the importance of providing safe water, to all ages and with various backgrounds. In addition to her work as part of the Researchers in Residence program and through the charity WaterAid she instigated an annual ‘Water Careers Evening’ to raise awareness of the opportunities available in the water sector. She has also encouraged other ‘Young Water Professionals’ to engage the community in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of managing water in a sustainable way.