2009 New South Wales Award Winners

  • Dr Scott Byrne

    The University of Sydney. The focus of Scott’s research is on how sunlight suppresses the immune system, allowing cancers to … Read More »

  • Dr Marcus Cole

    The University of New South Wales. Marcus conducts his research into two tremendously important fields of molecular science: the methods … Read More »

  • Dr Donna Green

    The University of New South Wales. Donna’s research on climate impacts in northern Australia is focused on remote indigenous communities. … Read More »

  • Dr Mary Kavurma

    The University of New South Wales. Mary’s work is focused on understanding abnormal cell growth in arteries which is a … Read More »

  • Dr Joshua Madin

    Macquarie University. Joshua’s research looks at how storms and the waves they generate shape coral reef communities on the Great … Read More »

  • Dr Penny Martens

    The University of New South Wales. Penny develops polymers (plastics) that can be used to replace worn out, or defective … Read More »

  • Dr Matthew McCabe

    The University of New South Wales. Matthew uses measurements from space based satellites, observations from ground-based instrumentation and modeling techniques … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Philip Morgan

    University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute. Philip focuses his research on the impact of cost effective, engaging and … Read More »

  • Dr Maria Nowotny

    University of Western Sydney Maria’s research is directly focused on developing a readily accessible technology which improves the way in … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Sebastien Perrier

    The University of Sydney Sebastien’s research aims to develop techniques that provide structure and functionality control over polymers to enable … Read More »

  • Dr James Rabeau

    Macquarie University James bases his research around making very small diamonds using materials processing, and microscopy techniques to look at … Read More »

  • Dr Julie Redfern

    ANZAC Research Institute and The University of Sydney Julie’s research aims to help patients who survive a heart event but … Read More »

  • Dr Timothy Schmidt

    The University of Sydney Timothy studies how molecules interact with light to provide a better understanding of various environments from … Read More »

  • Dr Michael Valenzuela

    The University of New South Wales – Michael was jointly named 2009 NSW Tall Poppy of the Year Michael’s research … Read More »

  • Dr David Warton

    The University of New South Wales David harnesses new technologies to develop methods of data analysis to understand the biological … Read More »

  • Dr Kira Westaway

    Macquarie University – Kira was jointly named the 2009 NSW Tall Poppy of the Year Kira uses bone evidence at … Read More »