2008 New South Wales Award Winners

  • Associate Professor Ian Anderson

    University of Western Sydney Ian uses DNA fingerprinting, along with other techniques, to describe and understand the biodiversity of soil … Read More »

  • Dr Kathy Belov

    The University of Sydney Kathy studies immunity, health and disease in our native wildlife such as Tasmanian devils, wallabies, platypuses … Read More »

  • Dr Culum Brown

    Macquarie University Culum examines how genes and the environment shape the behaviour of fish. His primary focus is on how … Read More »

  • Professor Bryan Gaensler

    The University of Sydney Bryan studies the static and crackle of the radio waves produced by stars and galaxies to … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Rebecca Ivers

    The George Institute for International Health Rebecca studies road traffic injury and ways to reduce its impact, both in Australia … Read More »

  • Dr Rebecca McKetin

    The University of New South Wales Rebecca aims to find out how many people are addicted to the drug ‘ice’ … Read More »

  • Dr Ben McNeil

    The University of New South Wales Ben’s research focuses on the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide by the oceans and … Read More »

  • Dr Angela Moles

    The University of New South Wales Angela’s research aims to understand the different ecological strategies that plants use when they … Read More »

  • Dr Peter Rutledge

    The University of Sydney Peter applies the tools of chemistry to tackle important medical and environmental challenges such as developing … Read More »

  • Dr Pall Thordarson

    The University of New South Wales Pall uses nanotechnology inspired by or mimicking biological systems to create new self-assembled materials … Read More »

  • Dr David Wilson

    The University of New South Wales David uses complex mathematical equations to formulate likely explanations for observed trends in HIV … Read More »