2006 New South Wales Award Winners

  • Dr Alaina Ammit

    University of Sydney Alaina is a researcher on airway smooth muscle in inflammation and airway remodelling. Her work has implications … Read More »

  • Dr James Curran

    University of Sydney James builds systems for computers to understand, store and manipulate human languages.  Some of the applications for … Read More »

  • Dr Nathan Daczko

    Macquarie University Nathan’s research ranges from studies in deep crystal processes in areas undergoing mountain building to processes operating at … Read More »

  • Dr Louisa Degenhardt

    National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre UNSW Louisa’s research on trends in illicit drug use identified the Australian heroin shortage … Read More »

  • Dr Kirstie Fryirs

    Macquarie University Kirstie is an environmental scientist and a recognised leader in rivers research. Kirstie has developed a framework for … Read More »

  • Dr Andrew Harris

    University of Sydney Andrew’s research is in sustainable hydrogen, phytomining (sustainable mining using plants to recover metals) and large-scale manufacture … Read More »

  • Dr Andrew Hopkins

    University of Sydney Andrew studies galaxy evolution: the role of star formation in galaxies and how galaxy morphologies arise and … Read More »

  • Dr Adam Micolich

    University of new South Wales Adam works in the area of semiconductor nanoelectronics, focusing on how the quantum mechanical nature … Read More »

  • Dr Geraldine O’Neill

    The Children’s Hospital Westmead Geraldine has made a most significant contribution to cancer cell research. When cancer spreads it becomes … Read More »

  • Dr Leigh Sheppard

    University of New South Wales Leigh researches and develops sustainable energy solutions. He looks specifically at solar-hydrogen, a form of … Read More »

  • Dr Stuart Tangye

    Garvan Institute of Medical Research Stuart researches the human immune system identifying defects that may be responsible for the development … Read More »

  • Dr Stephen Wroe

    University of New South Wales Stephen’s research focuses on evolution and ecology of Australian animals – with implications for improving … Read More »