2005 New South Wales Award Winners

  • Dr Rob Brooks

    University of NSW Rob focuses on the effects of evolution on complex suites of traits, particularly those that make an … Read More »

  • Dr Janette Burgess

    University of Sydney Janette’s research focuses on the area of lung diseases, particularly asthma. Janette has established a molecular biology … Read More »

  • Dr Brendan Burns

    University of New South Wales Brendan heads an astrobiology research group at the University of New South Wales. This group … Read More »

  • Dr Dominic Dowling

    University of Technology Sydney Dominic endeavours to devise methods to improve the seismic resistance of adobe-mudbrick houses. His specific focus … Read More »

  • Dr Katharina Gaus

    University of New South Wales Katharina focuses on cellular membrane organization in signal transduction processes. She endeavors to ultimately understand … Read More »

  • Dr Geoffrey Isbister

    Newcastle Mater Hospital Geoffrey’s interests lie in the area of clinical toxinology. His focus is on the effects of bites … Read More »

  • Dr Tracy Langkilde

    University of Sydney Tracy’s main research interest is in the area of community ecology, working towards understanding how animals interact … Read More »

  • Dr Mike Manefield

    University of New South Wales Mike is a microbiologist with an interest in applying ecological theories to medical and environmental … Read More »

  • Dr Deborah Marsh

    Royal North Shore Hospital and University of Sydney Deborah is a molecular geneticist conducting research into the development of both … Read More »

  • Dr Naomi Rogers

    University of Sydney Naomi’s main research interest is in the effects of circadian disruption and sleep loss on physiological and … Read More »

  • Dr Tracey Rogers

    Zoological Parks Board NSW and University of Sydney Tracey focuses on the impacts of climate change on the Southern Ocean … Read More »

  • Mr Simon Walsh

    University of Technology Sydney Simon has practised as a forensic biologist, supervising and reporting for criminal cases and providing expert … Read More »

  • Dr Stefan Williams

    University of Sydney Stefan’s research centres on the development of autonomous robotic systems for a variety of application domains. Among … Read More »