2001 NSW Award Winners

  • Dr Amanda Barnier

    University of New South Wales Amanda has focused her research on understanding the nature of hypnosis, the processes involved in … Read More »

  • Professor Marcela Bilek

    University of Sydney Marcela was appointed to the prestigious Chair of Applied Physics at the University of Sydney at the … Read More »

  • Dr Kay Double

    Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute Kay’s research focuses on investigating the causes and treatments of Parkinson’s Disease, a common … Read More »

  • Dr Cameron Kepert

    University of Sydney Cameron’s research has helped to open up a new field of chemistry known as microporous molecular frameworks, … Read More »

  • Dr Levon Khachigian

    Levon’s research program is primarily concerned with understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in atherosclerosis. By investigating how harmful … Read More »

  • Dr Brett Ninness

    University of Newcastle Brett studies how mathematical system models may be built on the basis of observign system behaviour.  This … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Kathryn North

    University of Sydney and Children’s Hospital at Westmead Kathryn’s research work has concentrated on major inherited neurological disorders: neurofibromatosis and … Read More »

  • Dr Rocky De Nys

    University of NSW Rocky has had a major role in the isolation and identification of natural products from bacteria and algae including … Read More »

  • Dr Timothy O’Meara

    University of Sydney Timothy ìs one of the founders of Inhalix, a biotech start-up company. He has studied veterinary immunology … Read More »

  • Dr John Rasko

    Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology John has a strong and productive track record in gene therapy, haematology … Read More »

  • Dr Marcus Stoodley

    University of New South Wales, Prince of Wales Hospital and Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute Marcus has established a … Read More »