Biochemistry and Cell Biology – Medical Parasitology
The Australian National University

Dr Martin’s work has made a major contribution to our understanding of the biology of the human malaria parasite.  One of her key achievements has been uncovering how small changes in one parasite protein cause resistance to the cheap antimalarial drug chloroquine.  Her research group is now focused on generating new chloroquine-like drugs that avoid the resistance mechanism, and which could be used to treat malaria on a global scale.  Rowena has given numerous presentations to scientific audiences as well as to the general public, including talks at the Australian Museum, Sydney and The Shine Dome, Canberra.  She has also been interviewed for mainstream media such as The Age, The Australian, and ABC Online, as well as ‘popular science’ publications including the Australasian Science Magazine and The Helix Magazine.  Rowena recently received a L’Oréal Australia For Women In Science Fellowship and the inaugural Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Early Career Research.