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Established in 1929, AQ – Australian Quarterly is Australia’s longest-running current affairs magazine and Australia’s only magazine with a focus on Science Policy. It contains articles on political, economic, social and scientific issues that are relevant to Australian public affairs.

AQ is published four times per year and is directed towards the informed general public, from university professors to high school students, policy makers to the interested public.

Contributors come from a diverse range of political and cultural perspectives, and have included prominent Australian public affairs commentators, Julian Burnside QC, Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser, Paul Kelly, Prof Peter Doherty AC, Prof Clive Hamilton, Prof Allan Fels, Natasha Stott-Despoja, Rev Tim Costello AO, Prof John Quiggin, Eva Cox, Prof Catharine Lumby, Prof Michael Pusey, Gareth Evans AO QC, Prof Don Aitkin AO, Kate Carnell AO, John Faulkner, Jeff Shaw, Michelle Grattan AO, Joseph Lyons, Humphrey McQueen, HV Evatt, HC Coombs, Sir Robert Menzies KT AK CH QC, Rt Hon John Curtin, Jim Spiegelman, Gough Whitlam  AC QC and Prof Noam Chomsky.


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Subscriptions and back issues can be ordered online (by credit card) or via post (by cheque or mail order).


Articles are accepted from a diverse range of authors. Unsolicited manuscripts and idea pitches welcome. To do so contact the Editor (aqeditor (at) mail.com). For more information visit the Editorial page.


AQ has been in continuous publication since 1929, and published by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science since 1932.

Previously known as AQ – Journal of Contemporary Analysis, it has always published articles which analyse political, economic and social issues vital to Australia. With the rise of the importance of innovation and our intellectual economy, AQ has become Australia’s only magazine devoted to Australia’s scientific future, with a focus on the science policy that will shape the world we live in.

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As of 2010, AQ is available online through EBSCO and RMIT. We are pleased to report that digitised historical issues from 1929 up to three years before current editions are also available JSTOR.


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AQ – Australian Quarterly is supported by the Australian Government through a grant-in aid administered by the Department of Finance and Deregulation as well as through revenue from subscriptions and advertising.