85 years in 85 days 

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The Australian Quarterly‘s first year in print and our country was less than three decades post-Federation. The idea of Australia as a nation was still a novel feeling and the shape and terms of our country we yet to solidify.

Empire Citizenship

And in the wake of WWI, Australia was feeling its place in The Empire, “its obligations as well as its privileges”. In the first of our 85 Years in 85 days retrospective articles, read the Hon T R Bavin, the Premier of New South Wales, as he writes 85 years ago, on our place as ‘Britishers’.

Article from 1929: Empire Citizenship

New States of Australia

In 1927 Northern Territory had be split into two states – ‘Northern’ and ‘Central’ Australia – while the New States Movement were calling for the states we know to be separated into smaller, discrete entities. Australia as we know it could have been a very different place. The article below gives a good look at the political and social currents that were working at the time. An interesting window into the ‘new’ Australia.

Article from 1929: New States of Australia

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