INEQUALITY – AQ 2017 Special Edition Preview

AQ 2017 Special Edition – INEQUALITY

July – September 2017


Eva Cox AO

Prof Peter Whiteford (ANU)

Prof Frank Stilwell (Uni of Sydney)

And much, much more!

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Has the free market and neo-liberalism failed us? What is left of the Great Australian Dream when house prices continue to push out beyond the failing wages of young Australians? Does economic inequality mean political inequality, and if so what’s the future of Australian Democracy?

From the 1% of Occupy Wall Street to the homeless on the streets of Melbourne, discussion of inequality is one of the world’s hottest topics. But what is Inequality and is it actually to blame for all the problems it’s accused off? How unequal is Australia really?

For AQ’s 2017 Special Edition, we turn a critical eye on the issue, and bring together some of Australia’s most respected minds to analyse what inequality means for Australia, and what we can do about it. Including such luminaries as Eva Cox AO and Emeritus Prof Frank Stilwell, the July edition is a necessary addition to the debate on the future equality of Australia.

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