Dr K. Swaminathan Iyer

Centre for Strategic Nano-Fabrication, The University of Western Australia

Dr Iyer’s research is in nanobiotechnology, a branch of nanotechnology with biological and medical applications. His research focuses on the application of novel materials in nanoscale to answer complex biological questions that remain unanswered using traditional methodologies. For example, using nanotechnolology we can aim to design nanocarriers to deliver drugs to a specific target for the treatment of cancer, navigate drugs to health injury to the central nervous system with a hope to circumvent paralysis, brain damage and even death.

His research crosses boundaries, including collaboration with physics, anatomy/human biology, zoology, engineering, pharmacy and biochemistry and includes international engagement with China, France, India and the USA.

Swaminathan focuses on developing magnetically and optically (laser) targeted delivery strategies which are emerging as a powerful tool for the treatment of cancer and the delivery of drugs/scaffolds as a new paradigm to improve outcome after injury to the central nervous system and skin.