2017 WA Award Winners

  • Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker

    Curtin University Astrophysics When we look out into the Universe, we learn a tremendous amount about how it works, and … Read More »

  • Dr Monika Murcha

    University of Western Australia Molecular Biology   Our rising population means that we need to implement strategies now to increase … Read More »

  • Dr Nadim Darwish

    Curtin University Nanotechnology   Just like kids turn plastic Lego cubes into a castle, dragon or a car, chemists use … Read More »

  • Dr Nicolas Hart

    Edith Cowan University Oncology and Carcinogenesis, Exercise Medicine Dr Hart is a cancer researcher, focusing on the ability of targeted … Read More »

  • Dr Sofie De Meyer

    Murdoch University Agricultural Microbiology Australia is the world leader in lamb-meat production, and we are among the biggest consumers. In … Read More »