Dr Gianina Ravenscroft



Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 





Dr Gianina Ravenscroft looks at the genetic causes of severe neuromuscular conditions and her work has already had a positive impact on families affected by some of these diseases. She is a leader in the field of disease gene discovery for a group of conditions known as foetal akinesias and myopathies, many of which present in utero and are often fatal.

By identifying causative mutations, Gianina’s work enables families to receive accurate genetic counselling, improving parent’s options for future pregnancies. She has worked to build a unique patient cohort through valuable collaborations with clinicians across Australia and overseas.

Gianina continues to play an active role in communicating her science at a broad range of levels. She has presented to WA state politicians, helped organise several public events, and has helped mentor a Year 10 student to the finals of the WA BioGENIUS Challenge.