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Edith Cowan University
Research Field: Oncology

Almost 50% of all Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. While advances in treatments have improved the length of survival, these treatments also cause serious side effects that negatively impact physical and mental health long into a patient’s recovery. Dr Prue Cormie’s research focuses on discovering how to use exercise as a medicine to counteract these side effects.

Prue published the first study, and is currently leading a national trial, to explore the potential role of exercise in counteracting sexual dysfunction in prostate cancer patients. She has also produced world-first research establishing that appropriately prescribed and supervised exercise is safe for cancer patients with bone metastatic disease and results in clinical benefits.

As a passionate advocate for improving the lives of people with cancer, Prue has conducted over 30 invited presentations to various community groups, cancer patients and allied health professionals. She recently won the state finals for FameLab for her science communication and will vie for the national title in mid-May.