Ass Prof Daniel Galvão

Edith Cowan University
Research Field: Exercise Oncology

Associate Professor Galvão’s early paper published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology highlighted the important physiological and psychological benefits that could be derived from exercise when undertaken during or after traditional cancer treatment. Immediate beneficial effects include decreased fatigue and feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as increased functional performance and quality of life. The impact is so immense that international guidelines which Associate Professor Galvão co-authored, now recommends all cancer patients and survivors avoid physical inactivity. Further research is required to determine the safest and most effective types of exercise to counteract the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment.

Daniel actively promotes his team’s research to the wider community and strives to engage community interest through his appearance on Catalyst and a specifically designed segment on YouTube promoting exercise medicine. His work has significant impact into support services offered by the Cancer Council WA through their Life Now Exercise Program, a free exercise program for cancer survivors. As Director of the Health and Wellness Institute, he continues to promote community engagement in their research, health and wellness programs.