2012 WA Award Winners

  • Dr Alex Hewitt

    Lions Eye Institute, University of Western Australia Research Field: Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Glaucoma has been labelled the ‘sneak-thief of … Read More »

  • Dr Ryan Loxton

    Curtin University Research Field: Theory and applications of control and optimization Dr Loxton’s research is in the field of optimal … Read More »

  • Dr Michael O’Leary

    Curtin University Research Field: Coastal Geomorphology and Climate Change Currently scientists think that as sea level rises and weather worsens … Read More »

  • Ass Prof Kevin Pfleger

    Western Australian Institute for Medical Research & The University of Western Australia Research Field: Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology Associate Professor Pfleger’s … Read More »

  • Dr Lea-Ann Stirling Kirkham

    The University of Western Australia Research Field: Medical Microbiology Dr Kirkham’s research interests lie in identifying the bacteria responsible for … Read More »

  • Ass Prof Daniel Galvão

    Edith Cowan University Research Field: Exercise Oncology Associate Professor Galvão’s early paper published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology highlighted … Read More »