The University of Western Australia
Research Field: Biomedical, Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences

Dr Stubbs studies the mechanisms by which bacteria are able to cause infections and evade our immune system. Many human diseases which are caused by improper function of carbohydrate-processing enzymes cause a great deal of suffering and are a major health burden. Keith’s research aims to find ways to restore the function of these enzymes bringing a better quality of life to sufferers. He is already a co-inventor on four patents.

One of Keith’s programs involves gaining insight into the chemistry, biochemistry, and cellular biology of the mechanisms used by Gram-negative bacteria to overcome antibiotics. His aim is to develop molecules that block the function of these mechanisms, thereby making resistant bacteria susceptible to antibiotics again. Another program focuses on the development of new compounds and assays to study carbohydrates and carbohydrates processing enzymes involved in neurological disease.

Keith is a full time contributor to the Royal Australian Chemical Institute monthly magazine, Chemistry in
Australia through ‘Net Yields’, a column containing reviews of interest to chemistry for all levels of education. He has been involved in displays for Chemistry at the UWA Open Day event, speaking at the UWA Centre for Learning Technology SPICE program as well as engaging students at his former WA secondary school.