Dr Aleksandra Filipovska

The University of Western Australia
Research Field: Mitochondrial Medicine and Biology

Mitochondria are microscopic, energy producing machines that are found in all human cells. Defects in their genes cause debilitating neurodegenerative diseases for which there are no cures. Dr Filipovska’s research group has developed new technologies to help us understand how these defects cause disease, provide insights into new treatments and develop therapeutics that can correct the mutations and help improve treatment. They have discovered and characterized several new proteins that are important for the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression in health and disease and developed new techniques to study mitochondrial gene expression.

Aleksandra has been involved in Science Fairs to introduce the benefits of science research to the community, is an active member of the Federation of Graduate Women, a frequent spokesperson for her research in newspapers and science newsletters both in New Zealand and in Australia alongside participating in Science meets Parliament.

She has discussed the need to support science in Australia with MPs and continues these efforts and has facilitated national and international conversations through symposia as well as interviews with organisations such as the WA Department of Health, Medical Research Foundations, the Science Network and with local papers such as The West Australian, the Stirling Times and the Wanneroo Times.