Musculoskeletal ageing
Monash University

“Sarcopenia” is the term used to describe the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs as we age, which can weaken our bones and increase the chance of falls, both of which increase our risk of fractures. Fractures in older adults often result in serious long-term disability. As Australia’s population continues to age we can expect that fractures will cost our economy over $2.5 billion each year. A central focus Dr Scott’s research is “sarcopenic obesity” (sarcopenia in obese older adults), and has shown that sarcopenic obese older adults experience higher fracture rates than non-obese older adults. Since physical activity is crucial to preventing sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity, his team are developing inexpensive exercise programs that can reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass and strength, and improve bone quality in older adults.

David uses his research-focused twitter profile (@DavidScottPhD) as a tool for discussing his work with users worldwide and regularly seeks opportunities for face-to-face presentations with organisations involved in the older adult community such as Rotary. While employed at CQUniversity he contributed to Rockhampton Regional Council’s Community Health and Wellbeing Plan, and was interviewed on Seven News to discuss how the plan could address chronic disease rates.